4/20/2009 We made it to Monday! Staci broke her left pinky toe last night, accidentally kicked Devons suitcase. She is hoping it will give her something else to focus on during labor..... LOL! We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am. Our nurses were Inessa ( brand new, we were her first patients) and Joan (45 yr veteran) and they were so wonderful to us. Dr. S arrived at 7:30 Staci was 3cm and 90% efaced and broke her water at 7:45 am (being a PROM queen this meant a lot to Staci) he thought she would arrive around 3:30 or 4:00 pm that day. Potocin was started at 8:45 and labor got under way at 9am. 9-10 am was pretty pleasant, labor coaches were daddy and godmother Wendy. Nana and Popi stood in as relief coaches. 10 am Joan checked and Staci was at 6cm so she went to call the doc to advise she would be here around noon probably. 10- 1045 labor was very intense with piggy back contractions every 45 seconds (never felt the broken toe). During this time Staci really felt Lena moving down the birth canal and a lot of pressure. Joan checked again at 11am and Staci was 10cm and ready to go. She advised Staci not push while she wasnt in the room, called the doc again and told him to get there ASAP. This half hour was the most painful for Staci (alot of burning) as she held her head in and literally stood in the bed keeping her knees together. Dr. S arrived at 11:30 and told Staci to give her first push to see where she was at, and with one push Lena arrived at 11:37 (no epi), she was 6lbs 1 oz, 20 inches long, crying and looking right at her mommy. THE BEST MOMENT OF OUR LIVES, OUR LITTLE GIRL IS FINALLY HERE!!!!! All of her grandparents, her sister, great uncle and godparents were there when she came into the world. It was a joyous family celebration and the first addition to the Peterson family in 33 years.

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