1/16/09 24.5 weeks. This was a big day to see how we have been doing on the bed rest which hasn't been so bad at all. The leaking test did come back positive for a protien that could indicate labor within 3wks but the test is a VERY vague one and hard to go by so we are doing a round of steroid shots over the weekend just in case she comes early. Staci's cervix was 2.2 and holding on it's own. That was good news. So off to the hospital we go.

Jan 18th we are home from the hopsital and it was a great weekend. NO contractions at all and we got to listen to our baby girl for hours!! It was the best 'gallopping horse' sound you have ever heard. Both girls are resting now. Whew... what a couple of weeks this has been. Oh and the picture to the left is Lena's "First Purse" from Daddy... :) We found this at the hospital gift shop and we had to have it. The cell phone has ring tones and the compact squeeks! Also found a Willow Tree "Welcoming" Angel holding a Pineapple the moment we walked in. All good baby vibes and Staci was glowing when we left!!!!

1/23/09 25.5 weeks! AWESOME APPT! No leaking, no contractions, labs came back so low we don't have to do IVIG AGAIN! Staci's cervix was 3.7 and when they applied pressure to see what the dynamic cervix was doing today- it only went to a 3.2. This is GREAT! The tech did have a laugh and say he has never seen a cervix do what Staci's does (she says it's not suprising her 'girly' parts are as moody as she is) but they are really confident now we will make it much further. Also, Staci has been trying to fatten her up a bit as Dr Katz advised over 2lbs is where we want her to be if she's going to come early. So she is now 1lb 14oz and that's over 1/2 lb in 10 days since Staci's last scan. So we are close!! All that chocolate and WONDERFUL food from the friends at Staci's work, is really helping put on the pounds. Staci says it's so weird TRYING to put on weight after all the years of trying to loose it and the surgery. Her heartrate was 156 and botht he weight and the heartrate are great signs after steroid shots. Pineapple is getting big in there!!! Our next goal is 28 weeks Feb 10th.

Click the picture to see the video from this weeks AWESOME APPT!.




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