2/19/09 29.5 wks Growth scan and cervical check. Cervix down to a 1.2 still funneling but no activity at all. It was predicted that after 28 wks the cervix would calm down and we hope that's what we're seeing. Lena is 3lbs 7oz, and approx 18 in, heartrate 125. Click the picture for a short video.


2/27/09 30.5 wks Cervical check. GREAT appt today, up to a 2.0 no funneling and no activity. She is approx 4lbs, 18 in and heartrate 142. Labs came back not leaking FFN again, this is fantastic and means when we were leaking from 23 to 26 weks this was the natural leaking that occurrs at this time and not an indication of labor, YAY!!! NK is so low we no longer need IVIG (these are the $$$expensive infusions) Stacis iron levels are great now and she no longer needs wkly infusions.

A bit disappointed to find out due to OB vacation Easter is not going to work out as her birthday so we are now targeting 4/16 -4/20. We will confirm this in about 3wks when we do the amnio on 3/23. We will know her lung maturity and weight and will be able to choose her induction date. At this time we hope Staci can doscontinue the blood thinners for the few wks prior to delivery so we have all delivery options available and the risk factor to Staci drops sufficiently. Lena should be approx 6lbs at 38 wks. Lots of excitement at this time BABY SHOWER IS TOMMOROW!!





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