3/27/09 34.3wks Cervical Check. Still funnelled and still holding at just over 1 cm. This must be "normal" for Staci. It is not as dynamic any more, just small changes from 1.2 to 1.5. Seems to be holding well, bedrest restrictions have been mostly lifted up to Stacis discretion now, still taking it easy.

4/1/09 Work Baby shower, Staci'scoworkers held a wonderful shower for her. So many generous people, I want to give special thanks to Valerie for putting it all together and Denise for the great food preparations.

4/3/09 35.3 wks NST and scan. Lena did great on the non stress test, averaged 148 for her heartrate. She measured in at 5lbs 11 oz today. Still looking great, hanging in there and growing big. Staci's cervix is still holding, measuring 1.5 and 1.8 today.

4/7/09 36 wks NST. This was the best non stress test Lena has had to date. She did outstanding, we watched her yawn, another good sign of lung development. Strong heartrate again sometimes getting up to as high as 158.

Video again from the link to the left, pretty large at ~18MB. Begining is






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