4/10/09 36.3 wks Growth Scan, Cervical check. Manual exam showed dilated 1/2 cm, not evedent on ultrasound, perhaps some more dynamic cervix. 50% efaced, still funneling but holding at 1.5 cm. Lena is weighing in at 5lbs 11oz still, and as you will see in the video we got to see her yawn and see her curly hair!! Click the picture to the left to see the video.

4/12/09 This link is from Easter Sunday. Staci is considered full term at 37 wks which is Tuesday and OB is back from vacation today.... Whew!!! We took a plaster cast of Staci's belly and chest with this great kit we got as a gift. Can't believe its soo big, but Baby Pineapple is doing a ton of Hula dancing this week. She's not quite ready to come yet gaining a little bit more weight.

I cant belive that as I write this we will be in the hosipital 7 days from now delivering her! OMG we are getting so close!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the Nursery complete and stocked, here is a link to the photos.

4/14/09 37wk NST Good appt today, Staci is .5 cm dialted and 50% efaced. Getting excited now, its so close!!!

4/17/09 37.3 wks. LAST DOCTOR APPT WOOO HOOO!!!! We are 2cm dilated and 80% efaced now. Doc doesnt think we will make it to Monday, so its baby alert weekend. Oh sooo excited, having a few contractions, not sure what it all means. We took some nice pictures of us while Staci was still pregnant at our "special beach" just before Lena arrived.




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