2/28/09 BABY SHOWER DAY!!!!!!! Trying some more complex stuff on the site so flash player is needed for this, there should be a slideshow of the pictures I took at the baby shower. We had a wonderful day with our friends and family, Staci was absolutely beaming!!!! Staci had a couple of old friends attend that she hadn't seen in 15+ years, she had been a birthcoach for them when they had their kids, it was a wonderful reunion for them. Although she was exhausted at the end of the day we had dinner with our 16 yr old daughter Devon at one of our favorite sushi places. We heard our good friend that I went to high school with and has had her share of conception struggles is expecting too and due on Stacis birthday! This was just fantastic news and made the day for Staci.

The last photo shows the "baby loot" filling our dining room which took 10 hours to unpack and put away on Sunday. Mom and baby were exhausted but oh so delighted!! Lena has almost everything she needs, who would have thought babies need so much stuff. There goes the rest of my closet space!

You can use this link to view the pictures at your own pace.

Stacis Shower Pics





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