1/6/09 23 week appt. At this weeks appt we found that Staci's cervix had shortened and was funneling. This means opening near the baby's head. At our last appt her cervix was 4.6 and anything over 3-3.5 is what you want to see. This week it was down to 2.3. Not good! So we had to schedule a follow up appt with our other specialists to investigate the issue.

Today Jan 8th the specialist found us at 1.8 and really funneling this time. It's called a Dynamic cervix when it changes so much. So now we have been referred to a cerclage specialist in SF named Dr Katz. He is the best in the country and we already have a relationship with him from when we lost Robbie and we investigated whether or not Staci had this cervical problem or not. Tomorrow we go to see him at CMPC for a surgery to put in a stitch to hold her cervix closed until delivery.

SWEET! Friday Jan 9th we are home from CPMC without surgery! Staci had 3 hours of tests and ultrasounds to see what her cervix would do under different types of activity. After the evidence showed her cervix came and went on it's own, good and bad placement and no contractions, Dr Katz felt bed rest for 10 wks was better than surgery. It was WAY to dangerous for Staci due to her blood thinners and hard time coming out of anethesia. Lena is at a critical stage of development and it's the worst time to intervene with this type of proceedure. She is 12" long 1lb 7oz and her heartrate is 142. She is tracking about 6 days ahead still and doing so well we want to just let her be. So we are home and will also do steroid shots and non-stress test monitoring in a wk. Bed rest is 'modified' os she can get up once an hour for 10min. No driving etc. Please pray that this is the best decision and Staci and baby Pineapple make it several more week until that exciting day!!!



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