4/09-7/09 Lena's first 3 months have been amazing. She was a very tiny 6 lbs so she wore preemie clothes for the first 5 weeks. At her 1 month checkup she was about 9 lbs and had grown almost 2 in. At her 2 month checkup she was 11 lbs and by three months she was 13 lbs and up to 24 in already.

From the time we brought her home she has slept through the night. Not having her days and nights mixed up has helped her be an excellent eater and sleeper. First 4 hours then 6 and now up to 12 hours of sleep.

She was breast fed for the first month until Mommy lost her milk due to severe anemia. But thankfully Lena has two wonderful Aunties who love her very much and have shared their breast milk for the last couple of months. Thank you Auntie Joy and Auntie Kristin!!!

Lena went on her first vacation over 4th of July weekend to Arcata for cousin Eshea's wedding where she got to meet some more of her family. We then took a short trip to Napa while Lena took a-napa. She did great on the long car trip and enjoyed the extra time with Nana and Popi before they left on their 3 month trip. Lena skypes with them as often as she can.

We have gone on some fun adventures with LenaLou...she went to her first Santa Cruz Roller derby game and loved all the noise. Watched the game the first half and then slept through half time NOISE and the rest of the game. Maybe one day we will be watching her play?

Mommy and Daddy just bought Pinepaple Princess her first car, a very comfortable 2007 Ford Edge. Personalized plates on the way "(heart)PNAPL"

Lena is starting to 'coo' and 'babble' often to her 'robbiefly' mobile in her swing. She recognizes voices and faces, we are enjoying experiencing her personality as it emerges.

Most recent on her list of adventures was a trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium and Lena was mezmorized by the jellyfish tank. It is SO gorgeous and the blue backgroud was easy for her to see. The seahorse exhibit was the highlight of the trip and Lena looked so cute in her seahorse dress from Auntie Sue!

Click on her first studio photo session picture at top to enjoy the photo session folder. Picture at bottom will take you to Lena's second picasa album, 2 months to present. Page 24 has the first 2 months (500 photo max). Page 25 is all the pics from her Baby BBQ Luau. Visit facebook and this site often for updates!! No I really mean it now, I actually did update!!!

Just added, short video of Lena making some noise!



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