Robert Benjamin Bartle


Last updated 04/25/09

Robert Benjamin Bartle was born 21 weeks prematurely on April 9, 2006 due to a condition called PROM (Premature Rupture Of Membranes). He lived a very short life from 12:50 to 2:40 pm. We take solace in the fact his entire life was pure. He only felt love, and will never know anger, greed, prejudice or war. He was with both his parents and grandparents his entire life, being held, loved and comforted. He weighed 7.2 ounces and was 9 inches long. He brought comfort and peace as gifts to some, hope and courage to others. He has given us a wonderful opportunity for change and grow through his remembrance. We will always love you Robbie.


First moments with Mommie......
Daddie's little man......
Sweet dreams, Robbie......
He had his Daddie's hands......
Family time......
And, luckily his Mommie's feet......



Read Nana's Letter

First Birthday Remembrance

Third Birthday Rememberance

April 6, last picture of pregnant Mommie to be.




We got matching tattoos 4/15/06. The hand and footprint were taken as actual size from his birth certificate.



Please support the March of Dimes so that all babies get their 9 months to be born healthy and strong.




Our Citrix corporate team shirt 2009 in memory of Robbie and in celebration of Lena Louise (Born 3 yrs 11 days after Robbie)



Third Ultrasound 2/13/06

I took some still pictures of the ultrasound monitor this time also to avoid having to scan the printout.

The upper "plus sign" is at the top of his head in this picture, the lower is at his bottom.

You can also make out his hand raised to his face, he is sucking his thumb here.

Here I have three more video captures from the same day, remember these are large files.

Make sure you have the audio on while watching this one the doctor offers a colorful but true commentary
The doc references the "yolk sack" which is the black circle with the white outline to the right of the head
This shows the doc measuring the baby, he is 41 mm long here, this moves the due date up to Sept. 5th based on his length

Second Ultrasound 1/30/06

The links are video captures of the ultrasound while the ultrasound was being taken, the files are pretty large (5mb) so be ready to wait if your connections is slow. There are 3 seperate 30 second videos. In all of these videos the large black circular shape is the amniotic sac and the white shape within is actually the baby.


You get a good profile shot of the baby in this video where you can see the doc measure his length. His head is on the left and you can see the begining of arm and leg "buds" as little spots below the body.


This is another good profile shot. His head is still on the left, almost the same size of his body and the leg is clearly visible as a dot below the body. He is 21 cm long here, at the begining of the video you can see the two plus signs placed at his head and bottom.

We are looking a the same profile shot here. Towards the middle of the video if you look closely you may be able to make out the spine.




First Ultrasound 1/16/06

His first picture, in the oven just over 6 weeks. The black circle on the left side is the amniotic sac and the white spot within the black is his heartbeat which makes up all of what you can visibly see. At this stage he is all heart.